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This site will continue to exist for a short period whilst we conclude its intended evolution
We are in the process of refurbishment and will shortly be re-opening our cocktail bar, which will include off-licence sales.
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Welcome to the Gin Box

The Gin Box Shop, home of the craft gin gift box, has some of the best gins available in the UK, produced by some most excellent distillers. Many of the gins we offer are craft gins produced by artisan distilleries in small batches, and are truly exceptional spirits. We are very proud to support the independent distilleries and when possible try to include as much of their gin range as we can. Furthermore, we love to have their mini gin bottles on our shelves too, so if it's a cute or beautiful miniature gin bottle you are after then you have come to the right place - for a quick hop over to our miniatures section, click here.

We have to admit that we have enjoyed stocking our shop, and have scoured the UK to find the best gins available on the market today, we have taken a courteous look at some gins available from our neighbours, and have stocked a few from our European friends, we have also dipped our toes in to the ginny waters across the Atlantic, in the Americas, and futher afield in the Pacific, in Asia and Australia, where we are definitely delighted with some of our discoveries. 

Each of the gins we stock has been selected because it incorporates the best quality ingredients, along with exciting innovation, to produce a truly wonderful spirit - and to pay hommage to the distller's efforts, we have created a profile for each gin so that you can gain a true insight into the history of the gin, and more importantly, some ideas for how the distiller intended it to be served.

We have a great selection of gifts that include gin posters, glasses, or the eponymous Gin Box, packed with your build your own selection, that's right, you can add gin miniatures and mixers and glasses to your hearts content and build your own gin miniatures gift. Follow this link to the miniature gin sets.

Environmental efforts

We're also concerned about our environmental footprint and have been phasing out the use of plastic wherever we can, and have also been developing new ideas to assist you in how you deal with packaging from us. You can read all about our packaging considerations and suggestions for their re-use on our recycling page. 

Now open as a public & private bar in Tunbridge Wells

Now open locally, we're Tunbridge Well's most comprehensive gin shop / off-licence & bar. The bar & shop is open publically on Fridays (5-9pm) and Saturdays (12-9pm) and serves a choice selection of classic cocktails made with truly unique artisan spirits you wont find in your average pub as well as a menu of unique creations by us that we feel really showcase the unique flavours of gin on offer here.

We've got a lot of time for our customers and are happy to chat about your taste in spirits in order to recommend something thats just right for you, whether it be sweet, savoury, floral, rooty, citrus, fruity, herbaceous or even, umami!

We also have a tasting room & private bar available for hire in Tunbridge Wells, decorated with cosy fairy lights and light furnishings to create a space thats uniquely calm and focussed.

New Products


All the Gin Box articles, distillers & recipes in one place..

Offers & Promotions

Every penny counts!
  • Corner 53 - 5cl miniatures - A web exclusive

    We love the chaps at Corner 53 and we want so much to share their awesome work with our customers, that following the huge interest our miniatures as gifts - we convinced them produce their primary collection as a set of gin miniatures that we're now including in a our Gin gift bag collections (and as separate products)

    Check out the range..

    And if you're interested in something a bit more substantial, with presentation value - check out the 20cl boxed gift set.

    The Gin Box Shop

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  • UK Delivery as little as £6.95

    Free tracked delivery on orders > £99

    Full tracked standard delivery with Parcelforce will be offered automatically for free with orders over £99.

    Need it quicker? You can even upgrade your free delivery to priority for just £2.50!

    Saturday delivery

    Saturday delivery options are also available at checkout at a very reasonable price.

    Fair shipping discounts to the Highlands

    Despite the fact the Highlands are in the UK, our couriers still charge more for those trying to ship there.
    However, in a bid to be fair, we offer the same discount to all orders that qualify for "Free shipping on orders > £99" to those in the Highlands. (£6.95 off)

    The Gin Box Shop

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Us, you & the environment

Doing our bit
  • Packaging & Environmental Considerations

    We take choosing our packaging materials and methods seriously at The Gin Box Shop.

    Over the last 6 months you may have noticed that our packaging has got simpler, but in a good way, we have been phasing out the use of plastic wherever we can, and have been developing new ideas to assist you in how you deal with packaging from us.

    Our Main Objectives

    • Minimise non-recyclable materials, including sticky-backed-plastic or sellotape.
    • Keep plastic to a minimum, whilst still offering competitive options for our customers.
    • Keep protective packaging material to a minimum whilst ensuring parcels aren’t damaged in transit.
    • When possible, buy products which are themselves made from recycled materials.
    • Inform customers what they can do with each element of packaging they inherit from us.

    You can read the extensive list of packaging materials, along with what they are used for and what their recycling or re-use options are on our recycling page.

    The Gin Box Shop

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Featured Distillers

Getting to know you
  • Maidstone distillery

    By 1785 George Bishop had built a new distillery, an impressive building which dominated the Maidstone skyline. George also served as mayor in 1778 and 1787, and together with his family contributed richly to the community of Maidstone. In the years that followed Maidstone Gin would become important on both the national and international stages.

    The Distillery at Maidstone gained significant notoriety. By 1803 it was renowned for producing one of the finest Gins of all Europe, referred to as Maidstone Gin or Maidstone geneva.

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  • Mallorca Distillery

    Situated in the heart of Mallorca's capital city, the distillery has a commitment to the island and its environment.
    They work with local farmers & so too are the organic ingredients which are ethically foraged through the year.

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  • Tinkture

    Tinkure are Hannah, the founder and creative soul, Sam her husband ("wishing we we're making Rum!") & Shaun, the master distiller.

    Tinkture's Gin is made in a very traditional manner, distilled in Copper Alembic Stills.
    Essentially you heat up a giant pot of special ‘soup’, which contains exact amounts of botanicals and alcohol, as this mixture heats up, the alcohol and flavours evaporate, they then make their way to the condenser, where this heady cloud condenses and returns to it’s liquid state. Continue reading The Gin Box Shop

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  • Trevethan Distillery

    It has always been tradition in Cornwall to celebrate the changing of the seasons with home-brewed alcohol.  The local hedgerows & woodland provide an abundance of seasonal flavours, whose use have in turn been passed down through generations.

    In the 1920s, Norman Trevethan epitomised this type of creative personality & in his early career was a chauffeur to Earl & Lady St Germans, regularly taking them to high society events in London.  Gin cocktails were the height of fashion and Norman took this influence back to his roots in Cornwall.

    The Gin Box Shop

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Our best gins and serves

Great ideas to enjoy your gin..
  • Funky Martini

    Corner 53's Umami is out right one of the funkiest gins around. It makes a superb Bloody Mary and it's still very much friends with a light tonic but it doesn't get a better serve than a Dry Martini.

    Plain delicious filth

    The Gin Box Shop

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  • Pink Zing

    Some sun from our gin friends up north? This is it! This gin is definitely not a distasteful pink gin; it’s got juniper, it’s got dryness, it’s got rounded creamy smoothness. Check out our serve below - hopefully it piques your interest…

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  • French 75 (feat. Da Mhile Organic Pink Gin)

    A fresh summer pre-dinner drink to get the juices flowing!

    If dense berries are your thing, this one should delight and its a straight forward recipe to prepare enough for a few guests.

    The Gin Box Shop

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  • Rooty Fruity Spritz

    This is a bittersweet blend, with subtle notes of stone fruits, raisins, and orange blossom.

    It goes down a treat with Corner Fifty Three’s Cherokee in our Rooty Fruity Spritz: Simply mix 35ml of Cherokee with 100ml of Spritz, and garnish with tangerine peel and strawberry.

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A collection of thoughts by us
  • 5 Quick Gin Serving tips


    When making a G&T more ice is better if you don’t want a watered down drink - the more ice you put in the more surface area of ice in contact with your drink and the quicker it cools the drink……
    But, make sure your cubes aren’t too small as a poor ratio of volume to surface area will make for a quicker melt! Continue reading The Gin Box Shop

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  • Pop-up bar @ The George

    Come & Meet us and enjoy our service

    We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be running a pop-up bar, fresh out of The Gin Box HQ  on the May bank holiday weekends!

    So although we can’t guarantee splendid sunshine and warm weather, you can certainly rely on our new menu of tipples to offer something for every taste, which is arguably far more important…

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  • Five of the coolest gin bottle designs

    This month, we unwrap some of our favourite labels from a quintet of distilleries whose style matches their substance…

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  • Five of the best winter gins

    This month, we’re finding all sorts of reasons to embrace the cold air and frosty mornings with a quintet of seasonal spirits…

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