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12 Below Pear & Cardamom - 1 x 200ml bottle

12 Below Tonics are on to something.

We've been craving for tonics that don't shout all over your gin, and having being advocates for just a simple soda and some flavoured bitters for some time we think their range could be a game changer.

Yes, there are some good quality tonics out there, but in their own right they are bold, great if you want a drink on its own, but it makes the wrestle in the glass more of a challenge. Let the gin do the talking, have the tonic sit back and compliment the gin. We think the 12 Below range have a big scope for gin pairings and we can't wait to explore and discover new combinations with them. It's brilliant to play, have  a little 5ml gin serving with a dash of their tonics until you find a pairing you like. 12 Below's ability to bring out botanicals in gins makes their range stand-out in the mixer world.

Oh, and the tonics are exceptionally light, with only 12 calories per 100ml (2.5g of agave natural sweetness), and they are full of flavour too so no compromise there.

TwelveBelow is also a great standalone drink for consumers who want an adult soft drink which is great tasting, all natural and not sugar loaded.

Big thumbs up from us at The Gin Box Shop.

This one has a light pear front with a lingering cardamom finish. We're still playing with the gin pairings on this one so watch this space. If you are into cardamom, pair it with a navy strength gin (Anno 60 squared is a good example.)

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