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12 Below Rhubarb & Ginger - 1 x 200ml bottle

TwelveBelow is a great tasting naturally low sugar tonic with a variety of flavour combinations to let your gin do the work. The tonics are exceptionally light, with only 12 calories per 100ml (2.5g of agave natural sweetness), and they are full of flavour too so no compromise there.

TwelveBelow is also a great standalone drink for consumers who want an adult soft drink which is great tasting, all natural and not sugar loaded.

The TwelveBelow tonics really compliment the flavours and taste of spirits without overpowering them, producing a well-balanced and rounded serve.

Big thumbs up from us at The Gin Box Shop.

This particular flavour is full of rhubarb soft and aromatic fruitiness which follows with a light gingeryness. Either way, we are big fans of the TwelveBelow range, but we are also fans of ginger too, so we like to add a little fresh or dehydrated ginger in to the mix when we use this one. The ginger is certainly bought out a little more when paired with a spicier gin.

It pairs well with a London Dry if you want that sweetness of a typical Pink Gin, but interestingly, it can bring out more of a Pink Gin's spices when mixed together.

Plenty of room to explore with this one.

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