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12 Below Classic Tonic - 4 x 200ml bottle

12 Below Tonics are on to something.

We've been craving for tonics that don't shout all over your gin, and this take on the classic tonic with quinine is subtle. If you don't like the full bitterness of your more traditional tonic, then we think you'll like this - it's got a lemon / citrus taste, a little like lemonade, but certainly not as sweet and a slightly bitter finish. 

Yes, there are some good quality tonics out there, but in their own right they are bold, great if you want a drink on its own, but it makes the wrestle in the glass more of a challenge. Let the gin do the talking, have the tonic sit back and compliment the gin. r

Oh, and the tonics are exceptionally light, with only 12 calories per 100ml (2.5g of agave natural sweetness), and they are full of flavour too so no compromise there.

This classic tonic pairs extremely well with the Pomelo gin from Corner 53. We still have some exploration, but any gin with a subtle citrus flavour will be coaxed out with this terrifically subtle and light tonic.

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