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1724 Tonic Water - 1 x 200ml bottles

1724 Tonic Water has its origins in the Andes, on the mythical Inca Trail, and for a good reason - this is where quinine was discovered. The Tonic Water takes its name from the altitude at which its quinine is hand picked - 1724 metres above sea level. The tonic is bottled with pure spring water and additionally great care is taken into the selection of the other ingredients; the quinine is organically grown.

It’s not a bitter tonic, which is certainly obvious, and provides a light and fresh drinking experience. 1724 has a subtle citrus edge to it not dissimilar from mandarin, and a fine bubble effervescence similar to that of a Champagne. The tonic isn’t too bold and so allows the gin or other spirit to reveal its flavours. 1724 tonic water is a worthy mixer that one will find suits some gins more than others. We find that it goes particularly well with Gin Mare, G’Vine and Monkey 47.

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