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Anno Kent dry (inc. Gift Box)
Anno Distilleries
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Anno Distillers (Kent)

Anno incorporates some great local botanicals including hops (they wouldn't say which variety), lavender, elderflower and samphire - the last of which makes for a great garnish with a slice of lemon in a G&T!




ABV / Vol

ABV 43% ABV / 70cl



Kent, Marden - GB

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Anno Gin 43% - 70cl

A careful marriage of Kentish flavours with citrus elements along with some traditional botanicals such as juniper, coriander, cassia and lavender, to bring a fusion of floral and citrus notes to the palate.

This particular product includes a presentation gift box (pitured) with the Anno bottle image and a colour splash design.

The Taste

Classic juniper then moving to citrus and then sweet spiced notes. Soft to start with a complexity of flavours that grows as you sip.


Hops, lavender, samphire as well as the usual suspects.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Anno Kent dry (inc. Gift Box)

Fresh elderflower, lemon peel and Fever Tree tonic
Samphire and Square Root tonic


ABV / Vol

ABV 43% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Anno Kent dry (inc. Gift Box)?

Anno Distilleries

What is the Origin of Anno Kent dry (inc. Gift Box)?


Kent, Marden - GB

What defines Anno Kent dry (inc. Gift Box)?

Descriptive Tags

Juniper led | Citrus | Hops

What colour is Anno Kent dry (inc. Gift Box)?



How does Anno Kent dry (inc. Gift Box) taste?


Slight hints floral, lavender and the Great british Hedgerow


Floral, citrus and herbal notes


Lingering earthy spice

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