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  • Sherry'll be right by Four

    Named after the Australian slang phrase "She'll be right" , this is a delightful and balanced serve that tames the raw complexity of Four Pillars Sherry cask Gin.

    The gin itself is intense and an awesome sipping gin, but this recipe aims to make it a little longer and soften the edges a bit, making it ideal for an afternoon in the Aussie sun.

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  • Honey, I drank the gin

    This recipe focuses on providing a platform for the deliciously floral Warner Edward's Honey Bee Gin which is frankly superb on its own and doesn't want to be mixed with anything else too opinionated.

    You don't see much Mead in use these days but its a delicious drink on it's own.  We highly recommend Gosnells, made with Spanish blossom honey but there are many variants out there waiting to be discovered.

    It's well worth mentioning Warner Edwards encourage the partnering of Prosecco with their Honey bee too, so if you'd prefer this recipe a little dryer and don't have Gosnells for the bubbles, don't be shy!

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  • Jimmy popped your Cherry

    A infusion of tart Cherry & Citrus, with a smokey finish.

    We used our own home made Cherry gin for this one, but there's nothing stopping you using one off the shelf..
    Just make sure it's nice and tarty.  If you've only got a sweet cheery gin available, you could easily add a little cranberry juice or double up on the lemon.

    In our recipe, we recommend a splash of Prosecco, which lengthens the drink and really enhances the dryness.

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  • New Off Licence Open & Tasting Room (Coming soon)

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    The Gin Box Shop are now open!

    We're open for business as a local late night off-licence in our home town Tunbridge Wells and we're not shy to let you taste our collection!

    Whilst we find our feet, we'll be officially open Saturday's 10-4, but throughout the week we'll have a video doorbell waiting for your call.
    Just ring the buzzer & we'll come down to entertain your personal gin requirements.

    As the year unfolds we intend to extend our weekday opening hours into the evening so you can pick up a few late night samples to take home with you.

    The tasting room is still in the process of decoration but when its done, you'll be able to book in for small private sessions and learn all about blending, mixology, gin cocktails or just take a journey with us through the basics - Watch this space!


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  • 5 Quick gin serving tips


    When making a G&T more ice is better if you don’t want a watered down drink - the more ice you put in the more surface area of ice in contact with your drink and the quicker it cools the drink……
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  • Fowey Valley

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    Originally and primarily a cider orchard, Fowey Valley have been producing their quality cider since 2012.

    In almost no time, it was obvious they could using the apples to produce their own spirit and in turn, gin.
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  • Sloe Sussex 75

    A recommended serve by The Nodding Donkey Distillery for their delightfully tart Limited Edition Sloe Gin.

    The Nodding Donkey love their gin with a bit of fizz. And there's no need for concern, their Sloe Gin really shows its colours and isn't masked by the mix at all.

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  • Sibling Distillery (Cheltenham)

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    Although our values of hard work and no shortcuts are old fashioned, our gin is anything but. We have combined the hands-on process of mashing in our cane sugar base (using a canoe paddle – we’ve found it works best!) and preparing our fresh fruits and other botanicals, with a state of the art glass and stainless steel distillery and a beautifully modern set of botanical flavours. The thing is, although we value tradition, we are not bound by it.

    The young team (whom 3/4 are under 25) already had a micro brewery run by their parents next door, so alcohol was already in their blood from birth (figuratively speaking of course!)

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  • Pipehouse distillery (Tunbridge Wells)

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    • Pipe house gin serve
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    The Gin Box Shop are proud to host the Pipehouse distillery company, situated right in our home town, just yards away from the original Tunbridge Wells Pipe House.

    A small team of delightful people who we feel share our love for gin and Tunbridge Wells. Their creations truly reflect the peoples taste and the local vibe. "So Tunbridge Wells".

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  • The Dartmouth Distillery Company

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    The crystal clear fresh spring water, sourced at Calancombe, is an essential element of the gin we produce.  Our families’ past has been woven into the fabric and history of Dartmouth and the surrounding area for centuries – shipwrights, master mariners, Brixham trawlermen;  builders and captains of sailing and steam ships that voyaged from Dartmouth delivering cargo and passengers cross the oceans.

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