Here at the Gin Box we’ve been hearing a lot about gin and tonic cake and we’ve tried a couple of examples that were pretty good so we decided to give it a go ourselves. Now there is a minor issue in that we don’t really bake.

We can certainly cook a mean roast dinner and BBQ like a trooper but baking has never really featured highly on the skill set. Cue our good friends at Social Pantry in London. They’ve got lots of experience with gin and tonic and more importantly lots and lots of experience with excellent cake.

First up we had to decide on a cake medium - this was easy, sponge. Next up was shape and as we can only really think of three - loaf shaped, round shaped or fairy shaped - it wasn’t too difficult to reach a conclusion. Fairy.

So having purchased a dozen appropriate cake cups we consulted SP on the best possible recipe.

The Winner

For me the winner was the Jensen’s Old Tom cakes.
All of them were lovely and moist (thanks to the tonic I think) and had a great ‘ginny’ flavour but overall the Old Tom gave the most depth of flavour with just the right amount of sweetness.

I think you could add more gin to the butter icing if you wished.