This recipe focuses on providing a platform for the deliciously floral Warner Edward's Honey Bee Gin which is frankly superb on its own and doesn't want to be mixed with anything else too opinionated.

You don't see much Mead in use these days but its a delicious drink on it's own.  We highly recommend Gosnells, made with Spanish blossom honey but there are many variants out there waiting to be discovered.

It's well worth mentioning Warner Edwards encourage the partnering of Prosecco with their Honey bee too, so if you'd prefer this recipe a little dryer and don't have Gosnells for the bubbles, don't be shy!


  • 20ml Warner Edward's Honey Bee Gin
  • 15ml Mead (Perhaps substitute the soda if your using Gosnell's sparkling, but mead tends to be flat)
  • 5ml Lemon Juice
  • 20ml Apple juice
  • Soda to top



  1. Plenty of ice
  2. Add the gin to the ice and swill
  3. Add the other ingredients
  4. Get round to actually planting those wildflower seeds you got with the Honeybee gin
  5. Make a donation to the Royal Horticultural Society in celebration of you new love for honey.