A infusion of tart Cherry & Citrus, with a smokey finish.

We used our own home made Cherry gin for this one, but there's nothing stopping you using one off the shelf..
Just make sure it's nice and tarty.  If you've only got a sweet cheery gin available, you could easily add a little cranberry juice or double up on the lemon.

In our recipe, we recommend a splash of Prosecco, which lengthens the drink and really enhances the dryness.


  • 20ml Cherry Gin
  • 10ml Poetic License - St Clements Gin Liquor
  • 5ml lemon juice
  • 10ml Jim Beam whiskey
  • (optional) 25ml Prosecco, for extra dryness and a little bubble to work the nose
  • Cherry to garnish


  1. With a generous helping of ice... (see our article on why)
  2. Swill the cherry and and the St Clement liquor around the coat it.
  3. Add the cherry gin, lemon and Jim Beam
  4. Taste the cherry, then "pop it" with the prosecco!