Tinkture's Organic Rose gin is full of the subtle nuances of the English garden; ideal for a long refreshing Tom Collins.

The natural pigments in the Rose react with citric acid to turn the amber gin, pink; providing opportunity for a delightfully colourful serving.


  • 50ml of Rose gin
  • 75ml fresh lemon cordial
  • 100ml soda
  • Lots of ice
  • Lemon twirl & rose petal to garnish



  1. With a generous helping of ice... (see our article on why)
  2. Add the soda and lemon cordial (fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup)
  3. Gently pour Rose Gin on the top – do not stir just yet – look closely as your golden Rose Gin gently meets the lemon mix and starts turning pink as it cascades down into the glass.