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  • Pop-up bar @ The George

    Come & Meet us and enjoy our service

    We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be running a pop-up bar, fresh out of The Gin Box HQ  on the May bank holiday weekends!

    So although we can’t guarantee splendid sunshine and warm weather, you can certainly rely on our new menu of tipples to offer something for every taste, which is arguably far more important…

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  • Five of the best winter gins

    This month, we’re finding all sorts of reasons to embrace the cold air and frosty mornings with a quintet of seasonal spirits…

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  • Five of the coolest gin bottle designs

    This month, we unwrap some of our favourite labels from a quintet of distilleries whose style matches their substance…

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  • No-nonsense cocktails with Pedrino Spritz

    Fuss-free, easy-to-make drinks for our favourite trio of delicious mixers…

    It’s no secret that we love making cocktails – particularly when Pedrino Spritz is involved! Continue reading The Gin Box Shop

  • Four of our favourite summer tipples

    Make the most of the warmer weather with these seasonal summer serves from The Gin Box…

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  • 5 Quick Gin Serving tips


    When making a G&T more ice is better if you don’t want a watered down drink - the more ice you put in the more surface area of ice in contact with your drink and the quicker it cools the drink……
    But, make sure your cubes aren’t too small as a poor ratio of volume to surface area will make for a quicker melt! Continue reading The Gin Box Shop

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