By 1785 George Bishop had built a new distillery, an impressive building which dominated the Maidstone skyline. George also served as mayor in 1778 and 1787, and together with his family contributed richly to the community of Maidstone. In the years that followed Maidstone Gin would become important on both the national and international stages.

The Distillery at Maidstone gained significant notoriety. By 1803 it was renowned for producing one of the finest Gins of all Europe, referred to as Maidstone Gin or Maidstone geneva.

Today we aim to re-claim this legacy for Maidstone, a new Distillery rooted in the heart of the community, committed to taste, quality and contributing positively in our local area.

Partnership with Plantlife

Maidstone flagship London dry - "Ranscombe Wild" takes its inspiration from the stunning wild plants of the countryside, with the botanically rich, ancient landscape of Kent being of particular reference; Ranscombe Farm nature reserve, the source of the gin’s distinctive botanicals, is internationally important for its wildlife and one of the most important places in Britain for wild flowers.

 a donation from every bottle sold is given to Plantlife to help its valuable conservation work to save wild plants.

Who are they?

Samantha - Founder

Adding the artistic flair, the balance and calm. With a nose for good flavour and a sense of fun, she can be found planning the many of our upcoming events. A gin lover at heart she has been key in developing the subtle flavours of our contemporary gin.

Darren - Founder & Head Distiller

The quiet adventurer putting down roots in his home town. Not prepared to daydream any more, he wanted to create a Distillery that the community feels proud of and part of. A lover of all spirits, and very pleased with our signature London Dry Gin, he has one eye on the future and the other exciting spirits we have to offer.

Gerard - Consultant & Master distiller

A recognised gin specialist and botanical expert, Gerard brings 10 years’ experience as a Master Distiller and has designed some of the most successful spirits decorating shelves today.

Otis - Marketing & Sales

Creative, a digital expert, and with a quiet confidence, he brings a calm and considered presence to the Distillery. Having followed the Distillery journey, he shares the vision in what we’re doing, loves the authenticity and looks forward to bringing it to a new audience. As a Scottish Whisky enthusiast, he loves the complexity of the George Bishop London Dry Gin.