A dream made true

With a strong heritage background in spirits & whiskey knowledge, founder Jow McGirr had set about his dream to build the first legal distillery in his home, Fermanagh in over 130 years.

Inspired by the family's' farming history, the spent grain from their spirits go straight back into replenishing its' vibrant rich pastures in support of the cows welfare.

“Agronomy of the land is important to us at Boatyard, it allow us to capture the character of Fermanagh in our spirits”.
– Joe McGirr, Founder of The Boatyard Distillery

Boatyard Double Gin

Organically produced wheat spirit is macerated for 18 hours with 8 different botanicals, including Sweet Gale which has been harvested from the family farm.

The botanicals cited by Boatyard are:

  • Juniper (86%)
  • Coriander (11%)
  • Liquorice root(0.45%)
  • Angelica (0.45%)
  • Orris (0.23%)
  • Lemon (0.45%)
  • Grains of Paridise (0.45%)
  • Sweet Gale (0.45%)

It's the Sweet gale that makes Boatyard truly unique to its origin, harvested direct from the family farm bog.

Boatyard Old Tom

Using the original Double Gin distillate, the collected spirit rest for a minimum of 4 months drawing flavour and the golden yellow colour from the cask, termed "Doc Brown".

Fermanagh honey is then added for a natural sweetness. Although sweeter than their London Dry as one would expect, its still drier than a dutch Genever and sometimes refferred to as "the missing link".