Dartmouth's unique copper pot still was designed & hand built by the Müller family, from the Black Forest in Germany.  The still is what gives them such precise control throughout the production of their spirit to create consistently good results.

The crystal clear fresh spring water, sourced at Calancombe, is an essential element of the gin we produce.  Our families’ past has been woven into the fabric and history of Dartmouth and the surrounding area for centuries – shipwrights, master mariners, Brixham trawlermen;  builders and captains of sailing and steam ships that voyaged from Dartmouth delivering cargo and passengers cross the oceans.

Dartmouth Distillery Co’s Müller Still combines the benefits of a traditional Copper Pot with an innovative Vapour Chamber.
The pot extracts robust flavours from Juniper, Grains of Paradise, Cubeb, Cassia Bark and Liquorice, while the vapour chamber, extracts the more delicate essences of Rose, Lavender, Fresh Grapefruit, Rosemary, Pine and kaffir Lime Leaves, with a lightness of touch.

Dartmouth's managing director, Lance shared a few of his personal recollections on the birth of their gin...

We set-up the Company 3 years ago and set-about choosing a still. It quickly became apparent that a German still, with the ability to make fruit based spirits (in the future) would suit us best and we visited several producers, viewing stills in use on farms and in distilleries, before choosing a Muller still with its unique and patented 'aromat 'technology.

During the year that we had to wait for delivery, we bought an Rotovap vacuum still (with reflux) to cool-distil around 60 botanicals ,to evaluate flavours and to develop an understanding about how botanicals interacted.

This equipment enabled us to define the botanical mix and relative weighting. Our still arrived in November 2017 and we made 7 small-scale runs which enabled us to refine the botanical balance and the distilling method.

Batch 8 was the first full-scale run and Batch 9 was our first commercial run, for launch in July 2018, which won Craft Gin of the Year 2018 in September.

Since then, sales have grown rapidly and we have been chosen by Gin Foundry for their 2018 Ginvest Advent Calender, one of just 24 distilleries to be selected. We were featured on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch recently, with great reviews.