Tinkure are Hannah, the founder and creative soul, Sam her husband ("wishing we we're making Rum!") & Shaun, the master distiller.

Tinkture's Gin is made in a very traditional manner, distilled in Copper Alembic Stills.
Essentially you heat up a giant pot of special ‘soup’, which contains exact amounts of botanicals and alcohol, as this mixture heats up, the alcohol and flavours evaporate, they then make their way to the condenser, where this heady cloud condenses and returns to it’s liquid state.

We asked Hannah, the founder to give us a breif history..

To be honest, I never actually set out to create a Gin. It was a bit of a happy accident. From the start I really wanted to create drinks where I actually knew what the ingredients were, drinks that were organic, delicious and clean. So, I was experimenting with flavours and fresh ingredients from our garden, including English Roses - trying all sorts of different combinations, processes and distilling methods. And one of these recipes was quite simply beautiful. The taste was like nothing I had ever experienced before, the subtlety of the fresh Roses and the lingering warm caress of the gin - and then, when I mixed this strange Amber Golden elixir with tonic it revealed its true colour - a delightful, subtle pink!

It was just too good to ignore.

So where did the name come from?

Hannah elaborates..

Tink is a force, my inspiration. A childhood spent in gardens watching, listening to strong women, elegant women, real women.
Tink is my gran, she is well into her 90's now and still lives by the mantra she instilled in me when I was a little girl -

"I can and I will!"

The idea that anything is possible -

So Tinkture was born...

David Austin Roses

Tinkture a secret blend of Fresh, hand picked, English roses, all created by David Austin, grown with love, by a force of nature called Jan, on a small, Certified Organic farm, in the South west of England.

Her knowledge and enthusiasm about genuine Organic farming is inspiring and infectious - as long as we follow her advice and guidance I think we'll be alright!