It has always been tradition in Cornwall to celebrate the changing of the seasons with home-brewed alcohol.  The local hedgerows & woodland provide an abundance of seasonal flavours, whose use have in turn been passed down through generations.

The true essence of craft stems from the ingenuity and creativity of rural communities who would recreate products, food recipes and drinks that were only readily available to those in the big cities.

In the 1920s, Norman Trevethan epitomised this type of creative personality & in his early career was a chauffeur to Earl & Lady St Germans, regularly taking them to high society events in London.  Gin cocktails were the height of fashion and Norman took this influence back to his roots in Cornwall.


Today, following the rebirth of small batch gin, his grandson - Robert Cuffe (an engineer with 30 years experience in designing & building food/drink production facilities) & his friend - John Hall (a chemist with a love of premium distillates), have revived the original recipe, as well as introduced variants that address the wider scope of modern taste.

Every batch is a little different, embracing the differences in the year's produce.  Using a one-shot method - no blending or tweaking occurs after distillation ensuring the unique honest character of each batch.

The water used comes from a natural spring on nearby farmland & is so soft that no mineral treatment is necessary.