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Boatyard Old Tom
The Boatyard distillery
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The Boatyard Distillery - Lough Erne (Fermanagh)

The Boatyard Distillery is an award winning farm-to-bottle distillery located on the banks of Lough Erne in north west Ireland.

“Agronomy of the land is important to us at Boatyard, it allow us to capture the character of Fermanagh in our spirits”.



ABV / Vol

ABV 46% ABV / 70cl



Fermanagh, Northern Ireland - GB

  • The Boatyard Distillery - Lough Erne (Fermanagh) 3
  • The Boatyard Distillery - Lough Erne (Fermanagh)
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Boatyard Old Tom


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Boatyard Old Tom Gin 46% - 70cl

From county Fermanagh comes this great tasting gin that has been distilled in both pot and column stills. The juniper berries are treated in special process borrowed from the Dutch in which double contact with the spirit is achieved hence the term 'double gin'. The terroir of the surrounding area comes from a botanical known as Sweet Gale which is harvested from the family farm.

To make the old Tom, they age their excellent Boatyard Double Gin in bourbon barrels, then sweeten it with Fermanagh honey.
It is slightly sweeter than London Dry but drier than Dutch genever - thus sometimes referred to as ‘the missing link’.

The gorgeous hand printed letter-pressed label really adds value.

The Taste

Notes of candied lemon peel, vanilla and cinnamon spice with hints of pepper, a silky orange finish.

The Botanicals

86% Juniper, 11% Coriander, 1.2% Honey, 0.45% Angelica, 0.45% Lemon, 0.45% Grains of Paradise, 0.45% Sweet Gale. To give the customer total transparencey the percentages and ratios of each botanical are listed.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Boatyard Old Tom

Ice and a slice of grapefruit is the modern approach

A low, not no Ginger ale or a low sugar tonic work well with this one.


ABV / Vol

ABV 46% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Boatyard Old Tom ?

The Boatyard distillery

What is the Origin of Boatyard Old Tom ?


Fermanagh, Northern Ireland - GB

What defines Boatyard Old Tom ?

Descriptive Tags

Sweeter | Soft Spice | Sipping Gin | Irish

What colour is Boatyard Old Tom ?


Golden Hue

How does Boatyard Old Tom taste?


Bright citrus and pine


Rooty liquorice & orris, with a forward notes of grains of paradise.


Silky orange

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