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Boatyard Vodka
Boatyard Distillery
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Boatyard Vodka (70cl/41%)

Wow. Vodka just got exciting again.  Made from Irish wheat, the taste is quite unique. Somewhat reminiscent of the Bison grass / wormwood like softness of Zubrowka - you can really taste the grain in this.

Essentially, the only vodka you could serve up to a whiskey fan and make an impression.

Malted Irish wheat is steeped in hot water to produce a sugary liquid, ‘wort’. Once cooled, we add champagne yeast to the wort and leave it to ferment for seven days. The resulting alcoholic liquid, the ‘wash’, is then distilled three times in our 500 litre ‘Mr Fusion’ still to 96% ABV. Finally, reverse osmosis water is added to the high-strength alcohol to bring it down to a smooth 41% ABV. We don’t filter our spirit at all. We believe this allows you to enjoy the unique flavour of our Irish wheat vodka in the way that we intended it - pure and unedited.

The taste

Soft vanilla and white pepper, with a touch of cut grass. Subtly oily.

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ABV / Vol

ABV 41%% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Boatyard Vodka?

Boatyard Distillery

What is the Origin of Boatyard Vodka?


Fermanagh, Northern Ireland - GB

What defines Boatyard Vodka?

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Beautiful Bottle | Organic | Classic | Irish

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