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Braemble Gin Liqueur (70cl / 24%)

Braemble is the result of years and years of expertise and experience in the industry. Three times over.

In Braemble, lush blackberries meet superior London Dry Gin in a liqueur that is simplicity itself in essence – yet devastatingly sophisticated on the palate. The fruit is gently reduced to its sweet, dark essence. Then, it is spirited away – to be bewitched by classic London Dry Gin. For a fine alliance indeed.

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ABV / Vol

ABV 24% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Braemble Gin Liqueur?


What is the Origin of Braemble Gin Liqueur?


- GB

What colour is Braemble Gin Liqueur?


Rich Purple/Black

How does Braemble Gin Liqueur taste?


Striking hedgerow blackberry mingled with juniper and dark stone fruit.


Earthy wild blackberry merges into classic fresh juniper gin. (Damson and red plum undertones.) Hints of malty sweetness and fresh citrus. Complex and fruity.


Initially rich autumnal fruit bursts from the glass enhanced by classic juniper and citrus. A robust and warming taste of late summer bounty.

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