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A How To Guide (part 1)

Having trouble navigating the vast world of gin? Do you even know what you like yet?
We explore the tools and information available to you when deciding what gin to buy and where best to buy it.

Establishing your taste


So, you are in to gin or your thinking about buying someone some gin. Perhaps you know what you like but would like to diversify your tastes, but if you don't know where to start - there's a lot on offer out there, so it can feel a little overwheming - we started selling gin out of our gin box horsebox back in 2012, and the gin market out there at the time was only just finding its legs - we kept it quite simple, selling the Tanqueray, Hendricks, Bombay... and yes, Gordan's gin. It felt simpler then, but boy, what fun you can have now. 

We're here to help you start your journey into the world of gin. So, for what our words are worth please read on, and hopefully you'll glean some light on our thoughts and processes, perhaps you'll think it's all obvious, but hopefully you'll find some of it useful. Most importantly, post read (or during read!), please drink sensibly, enjoy your gin in moderation and have fun!

And if after reading our musings on gin tastings you are still a little aloss, please feel free to send us an email through the little widget in the bottom right of your screen "", or just send us an email or give us a call, we're here to help. 


So, we've learnt a little on the way, through feedback form customers, through trying ALOT of gin, and most importantly.... experimenting. So, the most imporant mantra for us is that, "experiment", suck it and see, use your imagination, think of flavour combinations, heck don't think of flavour combinations, take notes if you fancy it, or just have a good memory!

So here's a little bullet list, a "gin for begginers guide"

- Whilst experimenting, don't feel like you need to use a full measure, be frugle with your gin, especially if it's a new or expensive one until you've worked out how you like it.

- Perhaps (if you can stomach it) try the gin neat, then try with a dash of soda or mineral water, you might be surprised at what flavours or aromats are brought out just with this simple addition.

- Have 

The best price isn't always what you're after

There are plenty of gin retailers around these days and whilst pricing can be competitive, most retailers are already giving you their best price. If anything they may even be making a loss to draw you in to their brand.

In your quest to find the perfect buy, you're looking for offers, multibuy/bundle discounts and coupons.

Bundle discounts

When you visit a website, keep an eye out for any offers that helpfully match what you're really after.

Currently on theginboxshop, if you're buying a 50cl or 70cl bottle for Aunty Jean and want to make the most of your shop,
all you've got to do is pick 5 samples from our range (they're the cheapest on the net we believe) and we'll a discount of up to £7... that's bascically free gin delivery. 

If 5 seems a bit excessive, for every 30ml gin sample you add to that 50cl or 70cl bottle purchase will still qualify for a discount as follows:

• 1 sample = £1 discount
• 2 samples = £2 discount
• 3 samples = £3.50 discount
• 4 samples = £5 discount
• 5 samples = £7 discount

Coupon sites

Coupon sites are really just crawlers, like Google.  But in truth you'll find most of their content is outdated and irrelevant.

Once you've established a good reliable source of gin, like ourselves, you'll find they often publish what is known as an RSS feed of their current active offers. (look for the icon),

This is often the direct source of coupons and offers that the coupon sites scan and use to build their databases.

Ours is and it's right here

If you followed the link and find that you don't have a program to open an RSS feed, you should still be able to read it, the formatting just wont be as friendly though.

Did you know however – you can subscribe to this feed directly using your email client (including Gmail or other popular online mail clients). Here's some tutorials on helping you set this up...

We even publish our entire catalogue as a feed:

Add it and stay well up to date with our prices and offers!

Optimising your search

In part 2, I'll explore how to more effectively use Google to find the gin you're after at the best price.


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