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Cantium gin in thermos flask

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Cantium Gin (42% | 50cl reusable thermos flask)

Cantium is the Roman name for Kent, where Cantium HQ is based and the logo is inspired by the design of a Roman mosaic tile found in Lullingstone Villa, just a few miles away.

Reuseable thermos flask

A unique a considerate concept, Cantium is served in a reuseable flask that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours.

They'll be introducing a recycling scheme in due course, where you can return your flask in exchange for a discount on your next purchase.. The cleaned flask will be donated to charities like "Warming up the homeless"

The Taste

Cantium contains locally sourced botanicals including Lavender, Cobnuts, Apples, Blackberry and Hops, as well as roasted Kentish Chestnuts, to give it a truly distinct flavour.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Cantium Gin (In reusable flask)

Orange Peel, apple or juniper make for ideal G&T garnish starting points and it pairs neatly with elderflower tonic.


ABV / Vol

ABV 42%% ABV / 50cl

Who produces Cantium Gin (In reusable flask)?


What is the Origin of Cantium Gin (In reusable flask)?


Kent - GB

What defines Cantium Gin (In reusable flask)?

Descriptive Tags

Floral | Herb | Ethical

What colour is Cantium Gin (In reusable flask)?



How does Cantium Gin (In reusable flask) taste?


Lavender & Hops


bold citrus, fruity, floral and savoury characters


soft spice and juniper

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