Cask Aged Bathtub Gin
Professor Cornelius Ampleforth

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Cask Aged Bathtub Gin

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Cask Aged Bathtub Gin 43.3% - 50cl

The orange notes of the fantastic Bathtub gin are amplified in this excellent example of an aged gin. The process develops richer flavours and smells reminiscent of Christmas spice and this depth brings extra elements to classic cocktails such as Negroni's. Aged for up to 6 months in small oak barrels this gin has a butteryness when drunk neat that you would never experience from a standard gin. A must for any cocktail cabinet. 

The Taste

Caramelized oranges and upfront spice with a smoothness in the mouth. The flavours of standard Bathtub are all still there. 

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Cask Aged Bathtub Gin

The world is your oyster with this gin! Try it neat over ice to start but then we'd really recommend it in a spicy G&T or our favourite is a Negroni.


ABV / Vol

ABV 43.3% ABV / 50cl

Who produces Cask Aged Bathtub Gin?

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth

What is the Origin of Cask Aged Bathtub Gin?


Tunbridge Wells - GB

What defines Cask Aged Bathtub Gin?

Descriptive Tags

Oaky | Christmassy | Sipping Gin

What colour is Cask Aged Bathtub Gin?



How does Cask Aged Bathtub Gin taste?


Christmas spices with hints of vanilla


Upfront spice with a cherry sweetness and softness from the ageing.


Delicate pine

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