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Colombo 7
Rockland Distillers
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Colombo 7 ABV 43.1%

Colombo 7 is based on a 70 year old recipe created in Colombo, Sri Lanka, during the war. It was originally distilled by a young Asian who ignored the typical attitude of the time, that a good London Gin could not be distilled outside of the United Kingdom.

Colombo 7 consists of, quite predictably, seven botanicals; all of which are simple, but together create a sophisticated and complex aroma as well as a distinctive taste. The botanicals themselves were originally sourced within Sri Lanka as trade channels were not active during the war. This has resulted in a unique gin taste reflecting the region in which it was produced. Today, the distillery - Rockland Distillers, has replaced some of the ingredients to reflect a more traditional London Dry recipe. Although we haven’t tried the 70 year old gin, we believe in their simple description of Columbo 7, “the original, revived”.

Rockland Distillers distill the gin in small batches in England, from copper pot stills to create this exceptional and very reasonably priced London Dry Gin.

Columbo Gin is British Asia, symbolised through their trademark lion elephant logo

The Taste

The taste has initially a juniper led experience, which moves on to a soft and welcome sweetness accompanied by the distinctive spices that bring the exotic country of Sri Lanka into the picture. The harmony is well balanced and the sweet, spice, sour and bitter elements of the gin work wonderfully together.

It would compliment Asian cooking very well indeed, especially a curry.

The Botanicals

Angelica root, coriander seed, angelica, liquorice root, Sri Lankan cinnamon bark, curry leaves, ginger root

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Colombo 7

Serve in a large balloon glass with plenty of ice, a sliver of lemon rind and some black peppercorns and a good quality tonic such as 1724.


ABV / Vol

ABV 43.1% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Colombo 7?

Rockland Distillers

What is the Origin of Colombo 7?


Kirimandala Mawatha, Colombo - LK

What defines Colombo 7?

Descriptive Tags

London Dry | Exotic Spice | Smooth

What colour is Colombo 7?



How does Colombo 7 taste?


Vibrant and fresh with earthy undertones from the angelica root, and a citrusy aroma from the coriander, ginger and juniper


Simple ingredients provide a sophisticated experience. Juniper and coriander lead, before the sweeter, earthier botanicals of angelica and licorice are revealed. Penultimately, a spice and heat from the ginger and curry leaves provides a lingering warmth.


The cinnamon and licorice sweetness finishes the experience.

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