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Corner 53
| Handcrafted gins distilled in a shed

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Corner Fifty Three is a distilling project 5 years in the making. They are an unconventional "New Age" distillery that aims to break the boundaries of taste and definition.

Tom Rudman, a cocktail bartender had an itch to find his perfect gin &  set about persuading his parents that Copper Pot Stills make fantastic garden ornaments.

Their copper stills, Rosie and Angus arrived on site after a toiling winter to build the perfect home for his venture.
With Rosie and Angus moved in, the rest of the team was recruited from the ranks of the 'put up or shut up' brigade. Richard Cope, Cris Bowyer and Jamie Williamson all coming on board to help fill the gaps.

Together they are building Corner Fifty Three around Tom's idea of independence, creativity and passion (and strong facial hair).


It is important to us that every step of our product's production has a personal touch. As you can imagine this means we spend a long time perfecting, tweaking, straightening and forging bottles that we are truly happy with. Nothing sums this up quite like our unique string that wraps the neck of our bottle. A piece of simple but distinctive flair that personifies our distillery.

Their product range covers a vivid rainbow of flavour from the punchy "Pomelo", golden "Cherokee" & the most savoury & exceptional "Umami".
And now they've introduced the first of their "experimental" series - "Lemon Meringue Pie"

Every single one of their gins has unique character and confidently says "well considered". These aren't just the whimsical thoughts of a hippy!

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