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Da Mhile - Organic Pink Gin
Dà Mhìle
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Da Mhile Organic Pink Gin


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Da Mhile - Organic Pink Gin 40% - 70cl

The original Dà Mhìle gin is great as a G&T with a slice of Kiwi, but can also be drunk neat with ice due to its depth of flavour.

Made in Llandysul, West Wales, it's the UK's first Organic Farmhouse distillery and famed for the first organic whisky of the modern world, the brand stands for nothing but top quality, and the wood-fired 350 litre still guarantees that.

This particular variant sets out to be Pink, with an honest natural approach.
Just like Tinkture's Rose gin; The colour is subtle from the infusion of wild Strawberries & evidently no additional colour has been added for the sake of marketing.

The Pink Gin has a base gin that Mike has distilled to get a sweeter, more floral taste with ingredients such as vanilla, elderflower and cinnamon. After distilling the gin we chucked a whole load of strawberries in it and left them until the gin had sucked out all their flavour and colour, resulting in Pink gin!

Recommended with an Aromatic tonic and a handful of fresh Strawberries (time for the black pepper?)

The Taste

The flavour is light and not too sweet.  The Juniper is there adding peppery notes just you like expect to fresh and fruity strawberry. Followed by a slightly creamy finish.

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Da Mhile - Organic Pink Gin


ABV / Vol

ABV 40% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Da Mhile - Organic Pink Gin?

Dà Mhìle

What is the Origin of Da Mhile - Organic Pink Gin?


Llandysul, Ceredigion, Wales - GB

What defines Da Mhile - Organic Pink Gin?

Descriptive Tags

Organic | Pink Gin | Aromatic

What colour is Da Mhile - Organic Pink Gin?


Natural Pink/Orange

How does Da Mhile - Organic Pink Gin taste?


Peppery Juniper


Delightful Strawberry, with floral notes from elderflower & cinnamon


Light citrus & creamy

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