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Reposado - whisky barrel aged tequila

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El Rayo - Reposado Tequila - 70cl / 40% ABV

There are over 200 varieties of agave but by law only the blue agave can be used in the production of tequila, and the agave in this tequila takes eights years to grow. 

We don't claim to know a lot about tequila, but this is inspiring us to learn more; this is one tasty and refreshing beverage. If you are new to trying tequila, or had a bad experience of tequila shots in your younger years (let's face it, that's quite a few of us). then start your journey here. This is a gateway to a new world. 

This barrel-aged version of their range is indulgent, we really like it neat (perhaps with a tiny squeeze of citrus fruit).

"El Rayo" translates as "lightening" - it is said that the firs tequila was created by ightening striking an agave plant and under the high heat, cooking it and creating this very unique spirit. 

So, this explains the awesome artwork on the El Rayo bottle, just stunning. 

The Taste

Rich and nutty complexity with enticing aromatic spice - cinnamon, bitter orange and citrus notes.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

El Rayo Reposado Aged-Tequila

neat on ice, delicious, or serve with a citrus-led tonic, refreshing, really refreshing.


ABV / Vol

ABV 40% ABV / 70cl

Who produces El Rayo Reposado Aged-Tequila?

El Rayo

What is the Origin of El Rayo Reposado Aged-Tequila?


Mexico, brought to you via London - GB

What defines El Rayo Reposado Aged-Tequila?

Descriptive Tags

Cask-aged | Smooth | Brilliant

What colour is El Rayo Reposado Aged-Tequila?



How does El Rayo Reposado Aged-Tequila taste?


Acute herbaceous notes with sweet smelling citrus and oakiness


Rich, nutty, full-bodied and spiced.


Tangy citrus and spice

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