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Four Pillars - Changing seasons (Kyoto collaboration)
Four Pillars / Kyoto Distillery
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Four Pillars Changing Seasons 70cl


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Four Pillars - Changing seasons (Kyoto distillery collaboration) - 43.8%

Four Pillars team up with Kyoto distillery (producers of the deliciously delicate KI NO BI gin) to produce something that represents the space in between Australia and Japan. It is a unique flavour profile that simply would not exist without these two forward thinking distilleries combined efforts. 

We distilled with Alex Davies, Kyoto’s head distiller, in our Yarra Valley spring. We tested the gin in refreshing cocktails over the hot Australian summer, while Alex was keeping warm in the Japanese winter. And we released it in the Australian autumn, while the cherry blossoms bloomed in Japan.

The gin is combination of Japanese botanicals mixed in harmony with Autralian native variaties.

It features

  • Gyokuro - A sencha green tea with intense aromatics and flavours
  • Quandong - an outback superfood and part of the sandalwood family 
  • Honoki - wood chips thats bring delicate texture to the length of the gin
  • Kinmokusei - sweet Osmanthus, fruity amd floral with a very sweet fruit driven palate
  • Lemon myrtle - a beautiful alternative to lemon peel
  • Red pine
  • Bamboo leaf
  • Green Yuzu - present in the original KI NO BI , an enhancement to the rich citrus notes , like lime,cumquat, mandarin and kaffir combined.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Four Pillars - Changing seasons (Kyoto collaboration)

Four Pillars offer four excellent cocktail recipes idiomatic of the Japanese culture.

Our favourite is the winter variant...


  • 45mL Changing Seasons Gin 
  • 25mL fresh lemon juice 
  • 10mL Lillet Blanc 
  • 10mL white crème de cacao 
  • 5mL matcha or sugar syrup
  • Dash of egg white 
  • Matcha powder


  1. Shake ingredients over ice
  2. Fine strain into chilled coupette
  3. Dust with matcha powder


ABV / Vol

ABV 43.8% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Four Pillars - Changing seasons (Kyoto collaboration)?

Four Pillars / Kyoto Distillery

What is the Origin of Four Pillars - Changing seasons (Kyoto collaboration)?


Australia / Japan - AU

What colour is Four Pillars - Changing seasons (Kyoto collaboration)?



How does Four Pillars - Changing seasons (Kyoto collaboration) taste?


Light and green, with delicate mild fir needles and Persian lime. The aroma has hints of grass and unripe banana


Citrus, with round chocolate facets, and hints of buttery, vanilla biscuit. Mid-palate bright, light pine with juniper and tart lime.


long with a mild, fresh juniper heart.

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