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George Bishop London Dry
The Maidstone distillery

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George Bishop London Dry


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George Bishop London Dry Gin (43% / 70cl)

In the heart of Maidstone, Maidstone distillery use a single-shot distillation method, contemporary botanically led gin is distilled in a London Dry style, that is to say nothing is added after distillation other than pure Kentish water.

George Bishop is bold and complex enough to stand up very well as a G&T - also designed to work well in a variety of classic cocktails (its smoothness well suited to Martini, the citrus notes compliment the bitter-sweetness of a Negroni)

It's our modern interpretation of a celebrated classic - George Bishop is where we see Maidstone's gin would be from it's inception 250 years ago. Bold, strong, character epitomised through it's branding, eye-catching bottle and complex taste. We're championing the forgotten gin legacy of Maidstone!

The Taste

Juniper forward, tropical fruits, good complexity through bittersweet Mediterranean orange/lemon peels, soft floral note and spicy finish from tellicherry pepper & cinnamon

The Botanicals

Fifteen different botanicals including three types of juniper, traditional core gin botanicals (coriander, angelica root), three different citrus peels, English Camomile, Indian cardamom, tellicherry pepper, cinnamon

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[TGB] recommends serving with

George Bishop London Dry

Whilst this does make a deliciously smooth Martini, we highly recommend it served with 12 Below Rhubarb & Giner tonic and a slice of orange as we found it really accentuates the rooty liquorice notes. 


ABV / Vol

ABV 43% ABV / 70cl

Who produces George Bishop London Dry?

The Maidstone distillery

What is the Origin of George Bishop London Dry?


Maidstone, Kent - GB

What colour is George Bishop London Dry?



How does George Bishop London Dry taste?


Tropical fruits, fresh pine, floral softness


Flavoursome complexity from bold juniper through to soft floral notes


Sweet citrus with gentle spice

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