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Bitters & Garnishes
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Bitters & Garnishes

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Bitters & Garnishes

A selection of bitters & garnishes to serve your gin with & other cocktails.

No other cocktail is quintessentially English as "pink gin" but we don't stop at angostura bitters.

Bitters are now available in a multitude of different colours & flavours.

Savoury bitters

Olive & cucumber bittersfor instance are ideal for making a Dry Martini. 

Try Corner 53's Umami gin , Lillet (light vermouth) and some olive bitters... yum!

Floral bitters

Tonic & Peach bitters both have a floral quality, perfect for adding to a G&T

Herbaceous bitters

Like olive bitters, the lime & coriander liquid garnish adds both bitterness & herb qualities to your drink. We've found it enhance some of the sweeter "summer/spring gins" really well - such as Sibling's Spring edition 

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