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The Mix & Match system allows you to pick from some delicious craft gins for yourself or as a nice gift for gin lovers - choose the gin you would like and we'll send you the complete Gin Box Package(s).

Picture of 1 box and its contents is depicted in the main profile picture, which is above or to the left of this description.

2 x 50ml gin miniatures will be sent in 1 package and will be delivered conveniently through your letterbox
(An address label will be on each box unless you opt-in for the parcel-wrap service)


  • 2 x 50ml gin miniatures 
  • (Packaged in PLASTIC heat-sealed drink sachets)
  • 1 x Ratings sheet
  • 2 x Respective gin profile cards

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Really in to sampling new gin? then why not sign up for a monthly gin subscription at our subscription site: The Gin Box Monthly Subscription Service for as little as £10 a month! A perfect gin gift subscription for a gin lover. Delivered through the letter box monthly. Convenient and affordable.

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What gins can I choose?

The full list of gins available are below, together with a little info to help you select.

Please note: If a gin isn't in stock, it will be ommitted from the selection box, but not the below list.

  • Anno Gin Bottle
    Anno Gin (inc. Gift Box)

    A Kentish gin, infused with botanicals from the garden of England. Citrus elements with floral notes. Works well with a garnish of samphire.

  • Bathtub Gin Bottle

    A Kentish gin made by the less common method of cold compounding. Juniper is clear but there is a wonderful spicyness and orange peel depth.

  • Boatyard Double Gin
    Boatyard Double Gin

    From county Fermanagh comes this great tasting gin that has been distilled in both pot and column stills.

  • Brighton Gin
    Brighton Gin

    A super smooth and super small batch gin that's lovingly crafted in the cellar of a pub on the outskirts of Brighton. Juniper and citrus led, hints of coriander pop through this wonderful gin. 

  • Brockmans Gin Bottle

    An intensely fruity and smooth gin from England. A real summer favourite and completely unique! The Bulgarian coriander has almost gingery orange flavour, which marries beautifully with the softer berries.

  • Caorunn Gin

    Aromatic, Scottish gin thats works fantastically in cocktails as well as being great in a G&T with a slice of apple.

  • Chilgrove-Dry-bluewater-Gin-bottle
    Chilgrove Bluewater Gin

    A gin from Chilgrove in Sussex, containing 4 English botanicals: mint, savory, angelica and coriander... and 4 Australian botanicals: finger lime, lemon mrytle, riberry, davidson plum. Named after the Bluewater sailing ships. Subtle and elegant design on the bottle.

  • Colombo-7-London-Dry-Gin
    Colombo 7

    A wartime recipe originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka. The gin gives a juniper led experience, which moves on to a soft and welcome sweetness accompanied by distinctive and well balanced spices.
    It would compliment Asian cooking very well indeed, especially a curry

  • Copperhead Gin Bottle

    50cl. Created by Yvan Vindevogel, a famous Belgian pharmacist who was very interested in the healing aspects of gin. Made with just 5 elegant botanicals.

  • Daffy's Gin Bottle

    Great new London Dry gin that's already winning blind tastings. Traditional botanicals with the addition of Lebanese mint.

  • Dartmouth Gin
    Dartmouth English Gin

    Dartmouth English Gin is smooth, full bodied and refreshing.

    Bold Juniper; floral notes from rosemary, lavender and citrus fruits. Grains of paradise, cardamom and cubeb berries bring lively spice followed by a lasting finish, with the sweetness of liquorice

  • Firkin

    A bold and exciting cask aged gin that demonstrates unique characteristics provided by the American Oak Barrels that are used to rest the gin. 

  • Bloody Shiraz Four Pillars Gin
    Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

    It has a burst of raspberries on the nose and on the immediate palate but then those wonderful juniper notes come bursting through. It's a proper gin.

  • Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin
    Four Pillars Rare Dry

    A Strikingly pure gin from the Yarra Valley in Australia with intense flavours of citrus, coriander and cardamom.

  • Gin Mare
    Gin Mare

    A herbal, Mediterranean influenced gin from Spain. Olives and rosemary shine amongst the traditional botanicals. One of TGB's favourites.

  • Greensand Ridge London Dry
    Greensand Ridge London Dry

    A London Dry Gin that is lovingly distilled from eight local botanicals that grow in the fields, woods and orchards beneath the Greensand Ridge. 

  • Jensen's Old Tom Gin
    Jensen's Old Tom

    An Old Tom Style gin from the cult Bermondsey Distillery. Rooty & complex with a wonderful richness.

  • Malfy Blood Orange gin - Gin con Arancia
    Malfy Con Arancia (Sicilian Blood Orange)

    A fruity gin with Sicilian Blood Orange, distilled by Malfy from Italy. Crisp, bitter-sweet deliciousness ready to refresh you through some of the hottest gin weather since 1976!

  • Malfy Blood Pink Grapefruit gin - Gin Rosa
    Malfy Gin Rosa (Sicilian Pink Grapefruit)

    A pink grapefruit zesty number, distilled by Malfy from Italy. Crisp, bitter-sweet deliciousness ready to refresh you throughout the summer!

  • Martin Miller gin
    Martin Miller

    An underrated, modern classic that's been incorporating a small amount of cucumber for as long as others! Great value and easy drinking in a G&T or martini.

  • Minus 33
    Minus 33

    Distilled distinctively to ensure every drop is flawless and weighing in at a sociable 33% ABV. Made with care this is a superb new spirit in its very own category, displays wonderful citrus and floral flavours.

  • NB gin bottle

    Winner of 2015 World's Best London Dry Gin. Classic Juniper & Citrus flavours. Distilled in North Berwick in small batches.

  • Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin Bottle

    Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin, from Northern Spain, is a deliciously bold aromatic gin with a complex floral flavour. It almost has a "medicinal" profile, possibly influenced by the hibiscus and eucalyptus. Intriguing. 

    A beautiful bottle and a quality gin that is unique.

  • Opihr Gin Bottle

    Spicy, oriental influenced London Dry gin. Great served with a slice of chilli in a G&T.

  • Pink Grapefruit & Lemongrass Gin Liqueur
    Pickering's Pink Grapefruit & Lemon Grass Liqueur

    50cl. Summery fantastic, liqueuer with a tantalising and fresh blend of pink grapefruit and lemon grass. We love this gin in a punch, perfect sunset crimson colour. Tasty (as with many of the gin liqueurs) with a sparkling wine that needs some character.

  • Baked Apple & Salted Caramel Gin Liqueur
    Poetic License Apple & Salted Caramel Gin Liqueur

    'Apple & Salted Caramel' is a warming sweet gin liqueur, creamy in texture, warming apple dessert in taste. Scrummy

  • Poetic License & Ginger Gin Liqueur
    Poetic License Blackcurrant & Ginger Gin Liqueur

    'Blackcurrant & Ginger' is a warming sweet gin liqueur. Pairs very well with Prosecco or lemonade for a summery drink. Crisp and fresh spiced-tarty-fruitiness.

  • Poetic License Northern Dry
    Poetic License Northern Dry

    Expect a big punch of juniper that is finely balanced with green cardamom for a warm and spicy flavour. Distilled in Sunderland.

  • Poetic License - St Clements Gin Liqueur
    Poetic License St Clements Gin Liqueur

    'St Clements' is a juicy, citrussy, gin liqueur. We love it with cold soda and ice as a less potent beverage, but we also like it in a bucks fizz!

  • Principe De Los Apostoles Gin
    Principe De Los Apostoles

    An uplifting gin from Argentina. Uses a botanical called yerba mate, the leaves of which normally produce an infusion with caffeine like effects.

  • Rock Rose Gin Bottle
    Rock Rose

    Floral Scottish gin with interesting cliff edge botanicals including rose of the rocks & sea buckthorne. Great with rosemary and a splash of tonic.

  • Rock Rose - Grapefruit Old Tom
    Rock Rose - Grapefruit Old Tom

    This extra special edition of Rock Rose gin was bought it back as a fresher version for 2019 using organic pink grapefruit peel, all lovingly peeled by our distillery team! These are added to our botanical basket along and vapour infused along with all our traditional gin botanicals. It is then lightly sweetened with muscovado sugar.

  • Rock Rose - Grapefruit Old Tom 5cl miniature bottle
    Rock Rose - Grapefruit Old Tom - 5cl

    This extra special edition of Rock Rose gin was bought it back as a fresher version for 2019 using organic pink grapefruit peel, all lovingly peeled by our distillery team! These are added to our botanical basket along and vapour infused along with all our traditional gin botanicals. It is then lightly sweetened with muscovado sugar.

  • Rock rose - Spring Edition
    Rock Rose - Spring Edition

    The original Rock Rose gets a spring makeover!

    Just like a spring day in Caithness! Gorse Flowers: Bringing a gorgeous coconut like aroma to the distillation. Dandelion: Lovely earthy, liquorice flavours come to the fore and help balance out the sweetness. Coltsfoot: Once used in confectionary. Coltsfoot from the distillery gardens help provide more sweetness to the gin.

  • Rock Rose Summer Edition
    Rock Rose - Summer Edition

    The original Rock Rose gets a summer makeover!

    The challenge, set last year, was to make a citrus style gin using botanicals growing in the distillery gardens and with no peels! Lots of discussions and research took place with Hanna, our gardener, and she planted, harvested and dried the botanicals that have gone into the Summer Edition..

  • Sibling Gin Bottle

    A clean, fruity gin made by 4 siblings. Started in 2014 this gin is causing a real stir as it is fantastic!

  • Sibling Spring Edition Gin
    Sibling - Spring Edition

    Following their standard recipe & then infused with lemon zest & rosemary, this gin is ideal for a classic G&T.

    The lemon zest brings you the soft freshness of Spring, set in context with fragrant rosemary, adding a slight savoury note.

  • Sir Robin of Locksley Gin
    Sir Robin of Locksley

    A fresh gin from Sheffield. Uses pink grapefruit and dandelion in the botanical list. Great neat on ice!

  • The Botanist
    The Botanist

    A silky smooth gin from the Isle of Islay made from a massive 31 botanicals, 22 of which are foraged by hand from the isle.

  • 3 pugs Blackcurrant gin
    Three Pugs Blackcurrant Gin

    A fabulously fruity blackcurrant gin that's handcrafted by irrefutable pug fans Christine and Stephen Ditchfield from Orford, Warrington .

  • Trevethan Honey Oaked Cornish Gin
    Trevethan - Honey Oak Gin

    A slight smooth oaky gin with a hint of Cornish honey! Developed from a recipe created in the 1920's by the grandfather of one of the distillers.

  • Trevethan-Gin-Bottle
    Trevethan Gin

    A Cornish gin that's perfect for sipping or in a healthy G&T. Made to a recipe created in the 1920's by the grandfather of one of the distillers.

  • Two Birds Cocktail Gin
    Two Birds Cocktail Gin

    Very similar to the impeccable London Dry from Two Birds only with a double hit of juniper making it excellent in cocktails.

  • Two Birds Strawberry & vanilla
    Two Birds Strawberry & Vanilla

    Flavoured, easy drinking strawberry and vanilla gin, made in batches of just 100 in rural Leicestershire.

  • Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin
    Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin

    Another wonderful infusion from Warner Edwards. This is sweet gin with wonderful floral aromas and a rich texture.

  • Warner Edwards Elderflower 20cl
    Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin - 20cl

    Another wonderful infusion from Warner Edwards. This is sweet gin with wonderful floral aromas and a rich texture.

  • Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin
    Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin

    A burst of rhubarb without being too sweet. Wonderfully vibrant and perfectly balanced this is a triumph in fruit gins by producers Warner Edwards.

  • Xoriguer

    Wonderfully aromatic, cult gin from Menorca. Fresh with hints of citrus and extremely good value for such an excellent gin.

  • Zymurgorium Marmalade Gin Bottle
    Zymurgorium Marmalade Gin

    An unusual gin infusion from Zymurgorium gin, based in Manchester. This is sweet gin with wonderful citrus/tart flavours and aromas, as well as a rich texture.

  • Sweet Violet Gin Bottle from Zymurgorium
    Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur

    An unusual gin liqueur from Zymurgorium gin. This is sweet gin liqueur with "love it or like it" Parma Violet flavours and aromas. You liked the sweet? You'll love this. A rich-textured liqueur that works well in an Aviator Cocktail or paired with a slightly sweet tonic or mixer.

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