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GIn Etsu (Japanese Yuzu leaf gin) - 43% - 70cl

ETSU stands for PLEASURE in Japanese

Etsu has been elaborated in Hokkaido following a secret Asian recipe passed down through generations using several asian botanicals (berries, peppers, teas and fresh citrus from the Japanese islands) including yellow YUZU which dominates this floral gin.

Other floral notes appear from the tea leaves infused into the mix. 

Beautifully styled, this gin comes in its own presentation box picturing a geisha settled into a yuzu leaf.

The Taste

The nose is very floral, dominated by the Yuzu flower with some citrus and vegetal notes also.
The palate is fresh with good balance between peppers, green tea and berries.

The Botanicals

Berries, Peppers, Tea, Fresh citrus, Yuzu leaf.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Gin Etsu (Japanese Yuzu leaf gin)

The tea softens a classic G&T, but equally this stands well sipped over ice with a sprig of mint.


ABV / Vol

ABV 43% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Gin Etsu (Japanese Yuzu leaf gin)?

BBC Spirits

What is the Origin of Gin Etsu (Japanese Yuzu leaf gin)?


Hokkaido Island, Japan - JP

What defines Gin Etsu (Japanese Yuzu leaf gin)?

Descriptive Tags

Citrus | Unique | Floral | Japanese

What colour is Gin Etsu (Japanese Yuzu leaf gin)?



How does Gin Etsu (Japanese Yuzu leaf gin) taste?


Floral & vegetal, notes of citrus fruits with a yuzu predominance


Fresh and well-balanced, peppers with hints of green teas and berries


Sansho pepper ending on yuzu aromas

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