As of 12pm / 17th March, We will sadly be ceasing online sales.
This site will continue to exist for a short period whilst we conclude its intended evolution
We are in the process of refurbishment and will shortly be re-opening our cocktail bar, which will include off-licence sales.

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Discover & buy gin online

The Gin Box Shop has a selection of the best gins available to buy and discover at really competitive prices; be it mini gin bottles, 20cl or a full size gin bottle in a box. Many of the gins we offer are unique and high quality craft gins, produced by artisan producers in small batches, and are truly exceptional spirits. We love to tell you about the gins that we have hand-picked, so each gin has a profile giving a some detailed information on each gin, such as serving suggestions and flavour profile. Furthermore, if we particularly like to promote the distiller, (an example might be Boatyard Distillery from Ireland) it's a featured Distiller, so there are more photos and usually some quotes from the makers.

70cl & 50cl Bottles of Gin to buy Online, in the UK and Europe

This is the page to explore all our gins on one page. 

We're proud of our gin range, which has grown quite steadily over the last few years. It was once quite heavily London Dry gin orientated, but as the gin category boundaries have been pushed over the last few years, so has our desire to fill the shop! We have carefully picked what goes on our store to try and cater for all possible taste preferences; there are some gins here that aren't to our preferences, they might be too sweet for example, or perhaps too pink(!) but, for us, handled correctly in the right drink, we love them all. 

We have sourced some really unique gins from around the world, there are some exotic ones like Principe de Los Apostoles, from Argentina and Xoriguer from Menorca.

Or there's the Four Pillars range from Australia - they are true artisans, who produce some seriously tasty and experimental gins. We love their Bloody Shiraz gin, it's summery and unusual. Their Four Pillars Rare Dry is a spiced gin, and is a real winner for any traditional gin lover - smooth, spiced, fresh and oily, simply delicious.

But if it's a classic gin you are looking for, then you are in the right place, we stock some most excellent and top quality London Dry and more traditional gins from the likes of Dartmouth Gin, Boatyard Gin, Chilgrove Bluewater, to, Sharish Original, Two Birds Cocktail, and our local Kent-based distiller's Greensand Ridge London Dry.

We take pride in working directly with many independent distilleries and always try and include their full range on our store. Many of the independent distillers, such as Sibling Distillery from Cheltenham, Two Birds from Leicestershire, Warner's Distillery (previously Warner Edward's), and Anno Distillery (from down the road in Marden), we have supported pretty much since they started. We look to build relationships with suppliers and learn their gins so we can best advise on them. 

Back to the gin bottles, gift ideas and such like! Sometimes you are after a beautiful bottle - with good contents of course - I'm pleased to say that we have quite a few of those! We have beautiful ceramic bottles from Forest Gin and Rock Rose. These ceramic bottles are excellent reused as vessles for keeping liquids cool on picnics or by the bedside.

There's Palma Gin from Mallorca, who use organic paints to decorate their bottles - their gin is organic too, and it can be found in our Ethical Gin Section

And there's Isle of Wight distillery's, Mermaid Gin, now that bottle is a bit of a keeper!

A little Ditty

(perhaps best sung by Dick-Van-Dyke in a 'cockney' accent)

Weeeeeee sell

Pink gins, flavoured gins, old tom gins, and London Dry, (s)
.... so many tasty gins lay'n before your eyes

Just take a pick, and explore
There's rariety and uniqueness on our store
and what is mooooore

Some with flavours and some with punch, some better served with lunch.
And we have a hunch that you like juniper
but sometimes like something fruitier

or something spicy goes down nicely 
with a tonic and some icy
plus a wedge of citrus fruit
or some lemon peel for the subtle noootes

Ah... we'll stop there (for more of this most entertaining poetry, you'll have to catch Ali on a night off with a gin in hand.)

Gin Gifts & Wares

Please browse our selection of gifts and wares. We have some great gin gift related options in our catalogue - whether you are looking to find a special gin present for a gin enthusiast for a Birthday, Christmas or even Mother's and Father's day gift... or perhaps you are just looking to put together a gin tasting collection for you and your friends, we are confident that we have something for everyone.

Hopefully you will discover a perfect gin present for that special someone by simply exploring our shop, but if not, we are always happy to help explore some gin gift ideas with you, so don't be afraid to get in touch, we love what we do and will happily guide you through the process.

Don't forget to click on the "gift options" at checkout so you can include a FREE gift card with your gin themed purchase. 

And if you really want to treat a gin lover, why not purchase our informative gin botanical table poster! Exclusively designed for The Gin Box Shop by our designers at Fluxio.

Gin Miniatures

If you are after a special present for a gin-lover, take a look at our gin tasting sets and gin gift collection options - with the latter, you can build your own gift bag to suit the tastes of the recipient. Or if you are here to shop personally and looking broaden your gin taste and gin library, perhaps, go and peruse our gin miniatures collection 

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