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Citrus / Tart / Fresh

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Citrus / Tart / Fresh

So, you're interested in gins with citrus, tart and / or fresh characteristics. Obviously some of the gins that appear in this filtered list might appear in, say, the floral, aromatic and scented option, but we have tried to limit the number of categories they fit in, to a maximum of 3, but mostly 2 categories, so essentially the gins only feature in their predominant categories.

You've got some real good options in here - we are big fans of the following

Citrus Gins

Lemon forward

St Giles Original  - Zesty, fresh and almost lemon sherbet, this is one classic gin with a clear cut but interesting flavour, it's won quite a few gin awards too.

Corner 53 Lemon Meringue Pie - Crazy as it sounds, Jamie and Tom from Corner 53 have been experimental, they threw a home-made Lemon Meringue Pie in a still  (along with some carefully considered processes of course) when producing their gin - "take that flavour!" they said to the gin, and it did. And we like it. 

Grapefruit Forward

Malfy Pink Grapefruit - This is a juicy number, it's not shy from pink grapefruit flavour, but it's got a juniper back-bone. So refreshing, and one of the most popular gins of late for a reason. Recently bought out by Pernod Ricard, Malfy has been shining some Italian sunshine on the flavoured gin category for a while now. We love it with a light tonic such as Twelve Below Classic Tonic or just some soda water and a dash of lemonade.

Rock Rose Old Tom - An Old Tom gin has a slightly sweeter approach than a London Dry gin, and our favourite Scottish gin distillery, Dunnet Bay Distillers, have produced this zesty little number. It's not got the bolshy grapefruit approach that Malfy Con Rosa has, it' is much more sophisticated and subtle... but if you want that grapefruit to sing, then pair it with some citrus peel, or a little citrus wedge. 

Fresh Gins

We're suggesting a couple here that aren't massive on the citrus flavour, but are definitely fresh! 

Japanese Clean Spirit

Ki No Bi Gin - Produced in Japan, this gin gets its citrus edge from Yuzu leaf and its freshness from being impeccably produced along with some other choice botanicals which include: Gyokuro, Hinoki, Sansho, Fushimi water, Lemon, Ginger, Red Perilla, Bamboo, Kinome, Orris. Sounds exotic right? Well it is, but the flavour profile will be very familiar to the classic gin drinkers palate, because it ain't shy of juniper! We particularly like this gin with pear juice and soda, or simply a splash of ginger wine over ice.

Foraged Botanicals from Scottish Islands

The Botanist - from the Isle of Islay (Eye-Lah) this gin is full of botanicals, 22 in fact, and a lot of them are foraged, this is a deeply complex gin, but it's oh so fresh and easy, you won't be wrestling with concept of justifying the large number of botanicals contained within, but you will be wrestling with the urge to make another G&T.

Tart Gins

Tartness often comes with citrus, but it can also come with sloe gin - we love a sloe gin here at The Gin Box Shop, we've made home-made gin for personal consumption before and so like to think we have had a little experience, but if there's one thing that's been revealed, it's that there is plenty of room out there for differing but equally excellent sloe gin recipes. We've even been a judge in the World Sloe Gin Championships (it's a rather small affair which started just down the road from us, but they have had entries sent from all over and the competition is expanding) and some of the entries were simply very drinkable indeed... and some rather disgusting.

Sloe Gin is NOT just for Christmas!

Jarrold's Sloe Gin - This gin is unique, it isn't your standard Sloe-flavored sweetness, typical of many a recipe - this gin is tarty, mellow-sweet and full of depth. We're probably not the first to say it, but anyway... "Sloe Gin is NOT Just for Christmas!" We love to pair this gin, or Anno's Sloe Gin , with Twelve Below Apple and Garden Mint Tonic, give it plenty of ice, a slice of orange, apple, a sprig of mint, and perhaps a dash of a London Dry Gin or some impartial vodka - trust us, you won't be disappointed, even a non-gin-drinker has been swayed by this pairing.

Warner's Rhubarb Gin - We've stocked this for ages, it's an essential go-to for us when we host bars or do gin tastings. It's a little on the sweeter side for us, but we just temper that with a less sweet mixer. Perfect tarty rhubarb works well with a bit of sweetness in any case, and pair it with a little citrus zing from lime, and dillute with a splash of gingerale (we like Fever Tree) and you have yourself one mighty fine beverage. Also works extremely well in a gimlet - check it out here.

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