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Anno B3rry Pink Gin 40% - 70cl

Just a brilliant berry pink gin from Anno distillers based in Marden. From a personal point of view some of us here at The Gin Box Shop find the sweeter berry gins a bit much, but this is great. Well-balanced and full of juniper and berry flavour, not sickly and a real freshener.

The Taste

Summer berry fruits and warm juniper, smooth and only slightly sweet. Sweetish berries to start with a lingering juniper flavour. A nice soft and creamy finish makes this quite satiating. We think it's a goer with basil and lime and a dash of lemonade and splash of soda.


Juniper, strawberries, blackberries, elderberries, orange, cardamom, cocoa

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    [TGB] recommends serving with

    Anno B3rry Pink Gin

    Serve with Prosecco,
    vermouth on ice - delicious


    ABV / Vol

    ABV 40% ABV / 70cl

    Who produces Anno B3rry Pink Gin?

    Anno Distilleries

    What is the Origin of Anno B3rry Pink Gin?


    Kent, Marden - GB

    What defines Anno B3rry Pink Gin?

    Descriptive Tags

    Fruity | Berryful | Juniper

    What colour is Anno B3rry Pink Gin?


    Enticing Pink

    How does Anno B3rry Pink Gin taste?


    Aromatic berry


    Warm juniper and subtle berry sweetness


    Creamy fruitiness

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