Trevethan Chauffeur's Reserve Gin
Trevethan Distillery

Trevethan Distillery

A true reflection of the nature of "Craft" distilling.. A heritage recipe, local ingredients & passion for quality.Originally created by Norman Trevethan in the 1920's, the distillery has been reborn by his Grandson, Robert Cuffe & his friend John Hall.



ABV / Vol

ABV 57% ABV / 70cl



Cornwall, Kernow, England - GB

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Trevthan Chauffeurs Reserve Gin Cornish

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Trevethan Chauffeur's Reserve Gin 57% - 70cl

Trevethan gin is a Cornish gin made by friends John Hall & Rob Cuffe in a small alembic still called Doris. The recipe was originally created by Rob's grandfather in the late 1920's and has been painstakingly revived by the modern day distillers through trial and error over 2 years. The Chauffeur's reserve is th same recipe as the Trevethan Original but a considerably stronger ABV, as would be for a Navy Strength. The extra strength helps further eliven the 10 original botanicals. Quite a gin!

The Taste

Similar to the Trevethan Oringinal but a bit more of a hit! First and foremost a big hit of juniper both on the nose and the palate but underneath the initial juniper burst you get liquorice from the angelica and spicy cinnamon. Citrus notes from the lemon, orange and elderflower round this off followed by a final spicy kick from the cardamom. The mouth feel is smooth and slightly oily thanks to the gorse and vanilla elements.

The Botanicals

Juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia, cardamom, orange peel, lemon peel, elderflower, vanilla and gorse flower.

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    [TGB] recommends serving with

    Trevethan Chauffeur's Reserve Gin

    Perfect as a sipping gin or try in a G&T with a slice of orange studded with some cloves.


    ABV / Vol

    ABV 57% ABV / 70cl

    Who produces Trevethan Chauffeur's Reserve Gin?

    Trevethan Distillery

    What is the Origin of Trevethan Chauffeur's Reserve Gin?


    Cornwall, Kernow, England - GB

    What defines Trevethan Chauffeur's Reserve Gin?

    Descriptive Tags

    High ABV | Smooth | Spiced | Cornish

    What colour is Trevethan Chauffeur's Reserve Gin?



    How does Trevethan Chauffeur's Reserve Gin taste?


    Junipery, floral and citrus


    Like the nose juniper and citrus lead followed by warm spiciness


    The oily vanilla notes linger in the mouth

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