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Greensand Ridge - Raspberry Ghost (Eau de Vie) 40% - 5cl

Greensand Ridge is a micro-distillery on a mission to develop breathtaking spirits the slow way. They only develop spirits that truly reflect the flavours of their region and do so with an unflinching attention to detail. Working with local farmers, they ferment and distill quality produce that supermarkets won't take, all with 100% renewable power.

Raspberry ghost is an eau de vie - not gin, as it doesn't feature the base botanical, Juniper. Eau de vie (literally "water of life") is effectivly a colourless fruit brandy.

This one captures the delicate taste of Kentish raspberries at their peak of ripeness. 
The raspberries are fermented to produce complex compounds, combined with a wheat spirit and infused with further raspberry.

The Taste

A true eau de vie, not liqueur. Expect a true essence of raspberry, not a sickly sweet thick liqueur.

On the nose is a delicate raspberry aroma, more akin to an autumn raspberry on a misty morning then a bright summer berry.  The first taste is much like a super premium smooth and creamy vodka, but as you swirl the spirit in your mouth the raspberry flavour bursts onto the palate and endures long into the finish.

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