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Greensand Ridge - Wealden Rum - (40% - 5cl)

Made in house from scratch, using surplas molasses from sugar production. A wonderfully smooth rum with the honey-like delicacy we associate with the aromas of the weald.

If you think you know Rum, or it's not been your spirit, ours is one to try. We're not trying to copy existing rum styles, and ours is certainly no sugared and aggressively spiced rum. Expect something ridiculously smooth, with a sweet character and no harshness. It's a complex spirit with a sophistication characteristic of all our releases.

The inspiration to create a Rum followed our ethic of using surplus produce as much as possible, in line with our environmental practices.  As with all our spirits, we make our Rum with 100% renewable power and no chemicals.

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ABV / Vol

ABV 40% ABV / 5cl

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Honey | Rounded | Smooth

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