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Jonomade Dicks Drop (Navy Strength)
Jonomade distillery

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Jonomade Navy Strength


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Jonomade "Dicks Drop" Navy Strength Gin - 5cl / 57.7% abv

Navy Strength variant of the bold Jonomade gin. As Jonomade put it: "This is our tribute to our Naval Officer, father and grandfather 'Dick'."

As is quite often the case with Navy Strength versions of gin ranges: all the original gin and more! Definitely worth creating cocktails with this gin, the flavour is so bold that it stands up to most things you throw at it, or throw it in!

Jonomade is a family-run, small boutique, micro-distillery based in Kent; run by a full family team - mum, dad and two sons.

"Jonomade" takes the first two letters of each family member involved: Josh & Noah (brothers), Matt (dad), and Debbie (mum), and rather neatly fitted them together - we think it reflects or sounds like a word relating to their New Zealand ties; Josh the eldest of the sons was born in the UK and brought up in New Zealand and it was there that he developed a love of gin, drinking the quite excellent Four Pillars ranges from neighbouring Australia, but felt that what New Zealand offered the gin world, and what the gin world could offer him and his big ideas, was a little limiting. So after spending some time doing the research and building a business plan, he returned to the UK, and his father & mother, with extensive experience in the consumer goods industry, followed in support along with Noah, Josh's brother, to build something together.

Their focus is on quality of product and creating permission to the wide scope of drinkers to have gin "your way", reinforcing the notion that drinkers don't have to follow the expected rules and should prepare their drink however suits their taste, be it sweetened, soured, bittered; it's all valid.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Jonomade Dicks Drop (Navy Strength)

We like it with orange peel, just on the rocks. Simple, strong, bold.


ABV / Vol

ABV 57.7% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Jonomade Dicks Drop (Navy Strength)?

Jonomade distillery

What is the Origin of Jonomade Dicks Drop (Navy Strength)?


Kent - GB

What defines Jonomade Dicks Drop (Navy Strength)?

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New Zealand | Indian spiced | Manuka

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