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Kamm & Sons Aperitif
Kamm & Sons
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Kamm & Sons Aperitif


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Kamm & Sons's Aperritif - 70cl / 33% ABV

A uniquely British take on Aperitif's normally expected from Italy. 
Combining natural ingredients and inspired by the historical use of alcohol as a medicine, Kamm & Sons is packed full of botanicals well-known for their health-boosting properties – the perfect addition to any conscious cocktail list.

Packed with 45 choice botanicals, perfected blended to balance.

The Botanicals

45 is a lot to list and lot to give away. Theres herbs, spices, fruits, berries, nuts, peels, barks, roots, leaves & flowers!

To name a few primary ingreidents: Ginseng, Grapefruit peel, Manuka honey, Elderflower, Hibiscus, Goji berries, Fennel seeds & Echinacea.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Kamm & Sons Aperitif

So many great recipes listed on the Kamm & Sons website!

Big mention for  the "Good Karma"


ABV / Vol

ABV 33% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Kamm & Sons Aperitif?

Kamm & Sons

What is the Origin of Kamm & Sons Aperitif?


Shaftesbury Rd, London - GB

What defines Kamm & Sons Aperitif?

Descriptive Tags

Balanced | Bitter | Depth

How does Kamm & Sons Aperitif taste?


Ginseng and bitter citrus notes, grapefruit perhaps with a piney/herby essence


Medicinal. Lots of herbs, honey & a bitter woody note.


A lengthy bitterness that is pleasantly drying and savoury.

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