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London Essence - Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic

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London Essence - Grapefruit & Rosemary - 1 x 200ml bottles

The London Essence Co. was originally established in 1896.; they prided themselves on capturing the essence of botanicals and fruit used in their distilling process. The new and refreshed enterprise of The London Spirit Co. is brought to you by WiseHead productions. WiseHead has worked closely with some renowned London bartenders to develop a distinct and elegant range of refreshing tonics, which we, as fellow southerners, are happy to have on our shelves. We hope that you enjoy the range too.

A cold pressing technique has been used to capture the freshness and citrus high notes of grapefruit oils. And the aromatic rosemary flavour is harnassed using distillation methods and then carefully blended to give the herbaceous essence of the mixer.

These blended flavours, with the addition of sweetness extracted from the stevia plant, and bitterness of quinine, amount to a well balanced and light beverage, excellent on its own or even better with gin! 

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