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Malfy Con Arancia (Sicilian Blood Orange)
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Malfy Blood Orange gin - Gin con Arancia


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Malfy Sicilian Blood Orange Gin 41% - 70cl

A really fruity citrus gin from Malfy distillery in Italy. Malfy Con Aranicia (blood orange) is made initially with a grain based spirit, which is infused with blood orange peel and juniper for 36 hours; the blood oranges are sourced from Sicily, and it is this ingredient that gives the gin its distinct colour and predominant flavour. It is anthocyanin, a naturally occuring antioxidant, in the blood oranges, which install the distinct purplish clour. (These antioxidants are also found in other foods such as blueberries and beetroot, both of which are reported to have great health benefits.)

The blood orange and juniper infused spirit is then blended with another 6 botanicals before going through a vacuum distillation process. The vaccum distillation process is what one can compare to the "slow-cook" method, where the distillation temperature is lower than traditional copper or stainless steel disttilling methods. It is well thought that the low temperatures helps "keep in tact" the flavours of the botanicals. We think it's a great method, and one that enables the aromatic flavours of this gin to shine.

The Taste

Bold fruity notes of blood orange and grapefruit lead, with a crisp and sweet raspberry hinted flavour. The sweetness is well-balanced with the tartness of grapefruit gin, a beautiful bitter-sweet partnership. This isn't a gin liqueur, but it goes perfectly well with Prosecco or for something slightly less alcoholic, a Fever Tree Sicilian Lemon Tonic.

The Botanicals

Grapefruit peel, Amalfi Coast lemon peel, coriander, cassia bark, orris root, angelica root.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Malfy Con Arancia (Sicilian Blood Orange)

We love it with a slice of grapefruit, soda, and a splash of Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water.


ABV / Vol

ABV 41% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Malfy Con Arancia (Sicilian Blood Orange)?


What is the Origin of Malfy Con Arancia (Sicilian Blood Orange)?


Piedmont, Turin - IT

What defines Malfy Con Arancia (Sicilian Blood Orange)?

Descriptive Tags

Fruity | Sweetish | Snazzy Bottle

What colour is Malfy Con Arancia (Sicilian Blood Orange)?


Deep Ruby Red

How does Malfy Con Arancia (Sicilian Blood Orange) taste?


Floral and fruity


Bitter-sweet Fruity Citrus


Crisp and fresh

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