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Mermaid Salt Vodka (40% / 70cl)

This vodka is not produced in a rush; clean water, from the isle's chalk-fed spring water is added to the spirit 7 days before bottling. The distillery also send out bottles to wholesalers in plastic free packaging, and the distillery supports local marine conservation projects, both big ticks.

Mermaid Salt Vodka is shot through with a pinch of locally sourced sea salt, enhancing its smoothness and accentuating its subtle flavour, like the gentle kiss of a mermaid. Breathe in the fresh sea air and savour a hint of the ocean on your lips.

Perfect in cocktails or as is

We just love this! The spirit itself has a slightly thick and oily mouthfeel, perfect for shaking on ice and serving as is or as an additional to cocktails. Naturally, one thinks of a sweetish espresso martini or nutty liqeurs like Frangelico, where the salt will be a strong offset to the sweetness and a big flavour enhancer to just about anything.

Having visited the Isle of Wight distillery recently - we were introduced to their excellent Vesper Martini which makes confident use of the product. Approx 2 parts Mermaid gin - which features elements such as samphire and floral elements like elderflower, 1 part Vermouth & 1 part salt vodka, this vodka sets off those flavours with bold depth and adds its thick mouthfeel to the experience and maintain a real body after ice dilution. An additional well prepared lemon peel gave the preperation freshness and enhanced further the notion that the drink had real body to it.

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ABV 40% ABV / 5cl

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