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58 Gin - Apple & Hibiscus ( 43% ABV | 5cl )

When a distillery's ethical-ethos aligns with ours and the quality of the gin is high, we try to get the gin in as soon as we can. This one has been on the list since the beginning of 2020 and we're pleased to finally announce its arrival.

A light pink gin, with a floral apple aroma and a long-lasting juniper backbone. This is a great example of a pink gin, not too sweet and well balanced. 

Great with a light tonic and a slice or orange, or perhaps some soda and apple juice.

And even closer to our hearts, The Haggerston based distillery sources as many of their ingredients from Loddington Farm in Kent, a stone's throw away from where Alastair grew up.

"Our mission is to be the category leader in sustainable craft spirits, working closely with Loddington Farm in Kent to source ingredients, offset carbon footprint by planting Juniper bushes and use our waste botanicals for compost. This full green circle is a process we like to call ethical distilling.

So all our spirits are made with the same ethos, from the wonky Apples not fit for supermarkets in our Apple & Hibiscus Pink Gin to the seasonal foraged Sloe’s in our English Berry Gin. All our packaging is eco-friendly, from the recycled glass in our bottles to the reduced plastic and carbon footprint in our on-trade refill pouches." 58 Gin Distillery.


The Taste

Neat: Aromatic sweetness and juniper
With Tonic: refreshing light and crisp beverage


Juniper, angelica, bergamot, cubeb berries, coriander, lemon, pink grapefruit, orris root, and vanilla + apple and hibiscus flower

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ABV / Vol

ABV 43% ABV / 5cl

What is the Origin of 58 Gin - Apple and Hibiscus (5cl)?


- GB

What defines 58 Gin - Apple and Hibiscus (5cl)?

Descriptive Tags

Crisp | Aromatic | Apple

What colour is 58 Gin - Apple and Hibiscus (5cl)?


light pink

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