Corner 53 Cherokee (Maple & Sarsaparilla Gin) - 5cl

Buy Corner 53 Cherokee (Maple & Sarsaparilla Gin) - 5cl

Corner 53 Cherokee (Maple & Sarsaparilla Gin) - 5cl

Buy Corner 53 Cherokee (Maple & Sarsaparilla Gin) - 5cl online now

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Corner Fifty Three Cherokee Gin - 41% ABV

WEB EXCLUSIVE! - We love Corner 53's work so much, we convinced them to produce their primary range as 5cl minatures!

In a humble yet stylish bottle & featuring a unique pattern design for every bottle in their range, Corner Fifty Three know exactly who they are and what they're about.

All distilled at their distillery operating from a shed in Toms back garden in Clanfield, Hampshire.
Right on the edge of the South Downs, using their 2 stills Rosie & War Machine

This particular variant sets out to be idiomatic of Bourbon Whiskey and does it incredibly well.

Cherokee was the gin we set out to make with the idea of taking inspiration from Bourbons and Tennessee Whiskeys. Wanting to evoke the smokey sweet profiles with caramel and vanilla flavours. Its main botanical, 100% pure, Canadian Maple Syrup, became an idea after looking into the Maple Charcoal Filtration developed by Mr Jack Daniels.
Adding Jamaican Sarsaparilla to invoke a woody vanilla essence and oranges to back up the mix of floral and caramel notes from the Maple Syrup we had created what we set out to create. A gin as much at home being sipped over ice as in a G&T and invoking flavours from a completely different source.

The Taste

Mellow sweetness with a touch of smoke. Oranges and maple syrup give a gentle caramel sweetness while Sarsaparilla rounds it off with a touch of vanilla and a herbaceous finish. All intent on capturing the flavour profile of a Bourbon Whiskey but with the clean fresh spirit of Gin.

The Botanicals

Canadian Maple Syrup, Sarsaparilla, Oranges, Juniper, Pear, Orris Root, Coriander to name a few. 

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