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Murray & Yeatman Classic Gin
Murray & Yeatman
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Murray and Yeatman Classic Gin



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Murray & Yeatman Classic Gin - 70cl / 39%

A Little History

Rob Murray and Jonathan Yeatman were introduced by a mutual friend as they both worked at distilleries. They soon learnt that they shared a passion for the history and a mutual love of fine spirits.
Recently Rob had a discovery, or maybe it was fate. Rob’s family had been involved in the alcohol trade for several generations and it was during a visit to a family member home he came across a 17th century book on distilling. A treasure in itself to look at, but upon inspection Rob was amazed to learn its contents. With great excitement he studied the methods within and to his surprise they differed from the modern ways of production.

Along with Jonathan and his pharmaceutical and distilling background, they honed their individual choice of botanicals and an amalgamation of methods. Producing their own proprietary recipe which led to them perfecting their long-term desire of creating the smoothest gin.

The Taste

One of the smoothest gins you will ever taste. Juniper fore, full of citrus and with wonderful sweet Saffron.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Murray & Yeatman Classic Gin

Serve with Fever Tree Mediterranean & garnish with lime


ABV / Vol

ABV 39% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Murray & Yeatman Classic Gin?

Murray & Yeatman

What is the Origin of Murray & Yeatman Classic Gin?


Sussex - GB

What defines Murray & Yeatman Classic Gin?

Descriptive Tags

Refreshing | Citrus | Sweetish

What colour is Murray & Yeatman Classic Gin?



How does Murray & Yeatman Classic Gin taste?


Very smooth and clean with refreshing citrus notes


Juniper & Citrus


Aniseed and Liquorice

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