Minus 33

This is a brand new spirit from the scientists at the Locabev laboratory and it's smashing up the mould so much that you can’t even call it a gin. After 3 years and 539 test tubes of experimentation the guys at Locabev decided that the optimum strength for a really smooth spirit was 33% - a strength that makes it just 46 calories per serve but also means it can’t be called a gin. Hence their title ‘Juniper distilled spirit’. Gin or not this is an excellent tasting spirit with wonderful floral notes as well as the classic juniper flavours associated with gin. Look out for it on the shelves of The Gin Box Shop soon.

Bathtub Cask Aged Gin

Cask aged gins have been doing the circuits for a few years but we don’t think they get much better than this offering from Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. The ever popular bathtub gin is aged in oak casks previously used for single malt whisky. The resulting spirit will deal you a hand of christmas spices, caramelised oranges and a finish of classic juniper. Great for a negroni with extra depth.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin

This wonderfully fruity little number is made by extracting the juice from the finest rhubarb grown on a crown estate. This pure rhubarb juice is then used to dilute the 70% gin that comes off the still to bring it down to bottling strength. Great for making a variety of cocktails and would be great for a take on a French 75!

Both Bathtub Cask Aged and Warner Edwards Rhubarb are available on TGB shop and Minus 33 will be on the way very soon!