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One Gin - Port Barrel-aged gin

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One Gin Port-Aged - 43% - 50cl

This is a unique gin; sage is an interesting flavour as a base (perhaps not to everyone's taste) but when One Gin's Londond Dry, is rested in Port barrels it makes for a very palatable, fruity and intriguingly spiced gin.

"An overall aromatic nose of baking spices, vanilla, sage, dates and pipe tobacco. Leads to a palate of bacclava, iced buns, pistachio ice cream, mincemeat, sage and baked granola, with a long, smooth finish." One Gin Description

This gin pairs wonderfully with a citrus-led tonic and a piece of aromatic clementine to garnish. We've got a sneaking suspicion it would work really well in a negroni too.

One gin, is owned by the Global Ethics Co. LTD  who donate at least 10% of their profits to The One Foundation - The one foundation has the  following mission statement:

"The One Foundation exists to positively change lives in developing countries through a simple vision that includes: a world in which everyone has access to clean, safe water, forever."


The Taste

Warming spices and soft red fruits with an intriguing backbone of juniper, festive spice and oak ageing. Warming and quaffable.

The Botanicals

The obvious ones - Juniper and sage (sage picked from their back-garden) and a host of other botanicals, including: lemon & orange peel,cassia, angelica, coriander, nutmeg, liquorice, and orris. 

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[TGB] recommends serving with

One Gin Port Barrel-Aged Gin

Perfect as a sipping gin or try in a G&T with a slice of orange.


ABV / Vol

ABV 43% ABV / 50cl

Who produces One Gin Port Barrel-Aged Gin?

One Gin - Global Ethics Co. LTD

What is the Origin of One Gin Port Barrel-Aged Gin?


Surrey, England - GB

What defines One Gin Port Barrel-Aged Gin?

Descriptive Tags

Port Aged | Charity | Unique

What colour is One Gin Port Barrel-Aged Gin?


Amber and reddish hue

How does One Gin Port Barrel-Aged Gin taste?


Fruits and Spice


Red fruit with oaky pepper and herbaceous sage notes


Pepperiness from sage a green leaf leading to aromatic spice

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