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Pedrino Ruby Spritz - 4 x 200ml bottle

Pedrino mixers (4% ABV) are unique, and a refreshing drink in their own right, pair them with the right gin and you can have a terrific no-fuss cocktail.

Add a little garnish and have a bit of soda on the side to dilute the sweetness if you prefer, whatever you decide, we hope you find their whole range provides a refreshing and easy option.

When adding gin to the mix, picking the right gin to pair them with is key; the mixers / cocktails are quite confident and so that opinionated flavour can overpower the incorrect gin flavour.

This Ruby Spritz is a blend of Port and Tonic, perfect with ice and a slice of orange, or we think it pairs extremely well with the Greensand Ridge Raspberry Ghost, or full-flavoured pink gin or flavoured gin, such as Brockmans, Jonomade Dolly's Mix, or St Giles Raspberry Rhubarb and Ginger. Add a slice of orange and plenty of ice... absolute juicy summer cocktail recipe.

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