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Pickerings Clementine Gin 20cl
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Pickerings Clementine 20cl gin


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Pickering's Clementine Gin - 37.5% 20cl

Made with the classic Pickering's gin, this clementine infused gin is sweeter than the others in the range - but when you have a perfectly ripe clementine that's what you are looking for, sweetness with that little zing! Remember that round lump in the Santa stocking, not the the coal, the clementine, humble and immediately gratifying on that Christmas morning at 6am. Yes, well, this isn't for that time, but 6pm, much more respectible.

We think this is great with fiery ginger beer and a star anise to garnish.... or if you are feeling a little indulgent, perhaps add it to your Buck's Fizz in the earlier part of the day.

The Taste

Sweetish but zingy with a good background of spice provided by the excellent classic Pickering's gin. On our taste test wth this one, we blended a little more of the classic to to our tate, but it can certinly work without doing so.

The Botanicals

A blend from the classic Pickering's recipe, with clementine

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ABV / Vol

ABV 37.5% ABV / 20cl

Who produces Pickerings Clementine Gin 20cl?


What is the Origin of Pickerings Clementine Gin 20cl?


Edinburgh, Scotland - GB

What defines Pickerings Clementine Gin 20cl?

Descriptive Tags

Zesty | Sweetish | Pang

What colour is Pickerings Clementine Gin 20cl?


Bright and delightful sunny orange

How does Pickerings Clementine Gin 20cl taste?


Zingy clementine and light spice


Sweet and tart clementine


Citrus with a background of spice

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